High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC & UHPLC) (MERCK)

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HPLC Columns, Buffers, Reagents, Standards, and Accessories

We offer a wide selection of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC, UHPLC, and LC/MS) columns for small and large molecule (biomolecule) analysis, including those employing totally porous particle (TPP) with our Purospher® STAR columns, superficially porous particle (SPP) such as Ascentis® Express and BIOshell®, and Chromolith® monolithic silica technology. Multiplephase  options/selectivties are available, including those for reversed phase (such as C18, C8, RP-amide polar-embedded, phenyl, pentafluorophenyl, diol, and cyano), normal phase, and HILIC (e.g. zwitter ionic ZIC®, OH5, NH2, Si, and F5) modes. We have a wide-range of columns for chiral (enantiomer) separations, such as cyclodextrin based phases, and unique macrocyclic glycoproteins such as Astec® CHIROBIOTICS® (vancomycin, teicoplanin etc.)  Size exclusion chromatography (SEC, GFP, and GPC including TSKgel), and ion exchange modes are also available. Maximize your system's performance using high-quality mobile phase solvents and buffers, calibration standards, autosampler vials, fittings, tubing, column heaters, injectors, and other HPLC accessories

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