Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes,0.5 ml.Blue (Eppendorf)

ชื่อสินค้า : Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes,0.5 ml.Blue (Eppendorf)

หมวดหมู่ : Plasticware

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แบรนด์ : Eppendorf

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Product Information

Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes are the result of 50 years of continuous improvement and development. The original Safe-Lock tubes protect your sample with excellent centrifugation stability, feature optimized sealing properties, and reliably prevent sample evaporation. Trust in the original Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes, because your samples deserve nothing but the best.

Seal safety! Original Eppendorf Safe-Lock lid!

Always recognize the original Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes by the "ep" in the lid. The hinged lid on Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes provides outstanding protection against accidental opening of tube lids ensuring highest sample protection. This feature is especially important when working with precious samples, or buffers containing detergents such as SDS.
During incubation in a boiling water bath, only the Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes remained safely closed. 10 % to 20 % opened lids were found for the tubes of manufacturers S and A, while T and G exhibited more than one–third and V nearly 80 % opened lids – see Application Note 164 for details.