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Caustics Alkalis and Bases EMSURE®, EMPLURA®


High Purity, Defined Quality: Caustic Alkalis and Bases

Our comprehensive product range of caustic alkalis and bases for analysis includes sodium and potassium hydroxide pellets and the corresponding solutions as well as ammonia solutions, each in various concentrations, quality grades, and packaging sizes to meet your specific needs. With caustics and bases for analysis, you benefit from high purity and batch-to-batch consistency enabling reliable, reproducible analytical results.

We produce these chemicals in a dedicated plant at Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Germany, using high-quality raw materials, ultra-modern production technology, and a sophisticated quality management system. This enables us to offer you caustic alkalis and bases of outstanding, defined quality including pellets of defined, uniform size and with extremely low values of impurities.

Because each application has its own special requirements, we offer different quality grades suitable for different tasks in classical inorganic analysis. Caustics and bases designated "for analysis EMSURE®" are our premium grade for all regulated and highly demanding lab applications, featuring the best and most extensive product specifications worldwide. Most caustic alkalis and bases for analysis EMSURE® meet or exceed the requirements of international standards such as ACS, ISO and / or Reag. Ph Eur. Our caustics and bases designated EMPLURA® are ideal for preparative lab applications and cleaning purposes. Their specifications include the most important parameters. And if you have special requests not covered by our standard products, we offer individual analysis or packaging solutions as well.


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