Nitrile Powdered Disposable Gloves ถุงมือไนไตรมีแป้ง

ชื่อสินค้า : Nitrile Powdered Disposable Gloves ถุงมือไนไตรมีแป้ง

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อีเมล์ Line Fb


 Cost effective compared to other synthetic medical gloves 


 Using an alternative 100% latex-free synthetic material 

 Ideal for individuals who are sensitive to natural rubber proteins 

 Unique formulation that provided the look, fit, feel and sensitivity of a latex glove 

 Pre-Powdered with high grade absorbable cornstarch (USP) to assist donning 

 Meets Federal guidelines for maximum powder content 

 Beaded cuff for better donning and resistant to roll downs

 Better resistance to oils than natural rubber latex 

 Good biological barrier 

 Low modulus for superior comfort 

 Low odor 


 Single use disposable 

 Available sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large