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Application-Oriented Quality and Optimized Packaging

EMSURE® acids for analysis are produced and tested according to the highest standards for purity and safety. Extensive specifications with a high number of parameters and extremely low limiting values, together with reliable batch-to-batch consistency, ensure maximum certainty for your analyses. That is why you can rely on our acids for analysis for your most demanding applications.

For the varying requirements of different analytical applications, we offer a wide range of acids in three quality grades and many different packaging sizes and materials. Acids for analysis EMSURE® are our premium grade for all regulated and highly demanding lab applications. Most acids for analysis EMSURE® meet or exceed the requirements of ACS, ISO and/or Reag. Ph Eur. They feature the best and most extensive product specifications available worldwide as well as the widest range of pack sizes and packaging options – from 25 ml glass bottles up to 200 l PE barrels.

If you need less performance, but still top-notch quality and reliability, our acids for analysis EMPARTA® are for you. They meet the requirements of ACS and are suitable for a multitude of analytical lab applications.

Additionally acids are available in EMPLURA® grade. This grade covers the most important specification parameters and is suitable for preparative lab work, cleaning and production.

Use our resources and experience to make your analytical work as reliable, cost-efficient and safe as possible. For maximum safety in your lab operations, we have developed innovative packaging solutions like our Safebreak bottle, a PE-coated glass bottle, and the SafetyCap for reagents generating excess pressure in the bottle. With our acids for analysis, you benefit from application-oriented quality, more flexibility and safety, and an excellent cost-performance ratio.


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